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At Ray & Bishop, PLC, our California application defense attorneys have defended hundreds of license applicants on license applications to state agencies throughout California, including Medical Board of California applications, Board of Registered Nursing applications, Department of Insurance online applications (using the FLASH system), and many more.  (All links go directly to the state agency application page.)

Applicants for a California license can be denied a license for a variety of reasons, including discipline by another California state Board or agency, discipline taken against an out of state license, a misdemeanor criminal conviction, a felony criminal conviction, or a failure to disclose any of the above on the application itself, including failure to disclose an expunged criminal conviction under Penal Code 1203.4.  Some applications are worded very carefully to require applicants to disclose expunged convictions.

Our license application defense attorneys are experienced in handling cases like these throughout California. Clients often have an inaccurate picture of their own eligibility for a professional license: “Can I still apply for a license even if I have a conviction?” With very few exceptions, the answer is “yes.” You can apply for a license no matter what shows up your background. However, you may be asked to provide a statement to the agency about past adverse events. Our license defense attorneys can help.

At Ray & Bishop, PLC, our license attorneys help applicants disclose criminal convictions, explain California license discipline, explain out of state discipline, and gather evidence of mitigation and rehabilitation to submit to the licensing board to help you get a California license.

In 2020, new laws dramatically changed the rules for denial of licenses based upon criminal convictions.  Many older convictions and expunged convictions can no longer be considered as cause for denial for applicants for medical, nursing, CPA, real estate, and other licenses.  Some licenses and some conviction types, however, are not covered by these new laws.  For example, insurance license application rules have not changed, and drug and alcohol convictions can still be problematic for most healthcare license applications.

California license applications are best handled by experienced license application attorneys. Our attorneys at Ray & Bishop, PLC, have the experience and track record with California state agencies to protect your license application and ensure you have the best chance of successfully achieving a California professional license.


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