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We are California’s best professional licensing defense firm.  We have the knowledge, experience, and skill to help you.  Our attorneys practice statewide at the Office of Administrative Hearings before nearly every state licensing agency.

Protecting Your California Health Care License

Whether you are a Physician, a Nurse Practioner, a Registered Nurse, a Physician Assistant, or any other health care professional such as a Marriage and Family Therapist, we have assisted hundreds of health care professionals like you against investigations, Accusations, Denials, Reinstatements, and Appeals.

Defending Financial Professionals

Insurance brokers and agents, CPAs, FINRA broker/dealers, Real Estate brokers and agents, California Finance Lenders, and many other California financial professionals trust us to defend their licenses, certificates, or registrations against state agency discipline.

Don't Face Agency Discipline Alone!


From our offices in Newport Beach, California, we represent clients in Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Oakland.  Our reviews and results speak for themselves.  Contact us for a confidential consultation to discuss your administrative law matter.

Ray & Bishop, PLC, have 25 years of experience defending professional licensees in California.

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Areas of Practice

Medical License Defense

Our attorneys protect California Physicians and Surgeons against disciplinary actions from the California Medical Board.

Nursing License Defense

As members of the American Association of Nurse Attorneys, we help hundreds of nurses each year protect themselves against the BRN.

CPA License Defense

The California Board of Accountacy aggressively pursues discipline against CPAs, but we have the experience to help you.

Real Estate License Defense

Real estate brokers and salespersons face complex rules and regulation, and our experienced attorneys can help you navigate against problems.

Insurance License Defense

Our attorneys have been working on behalf of insurance brokers and agents for years — we litigate arguably more DOI cases than any other firm.

Ethics Violations

If you are concerned that your conduct might have violated a professional ethics rule, contact us for a confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

Federal License Defense

Our attorneys have experience protecting federally-licensed professions against administrative actions, and helping to navigate the often-complex world of federal administrative procedure.

Other Health Care Licenses

From psychiatric technicians to therapists to respiratory care specialists to physical therapists, we help health care professionals protect their careers.

Other Professional Licenses

California has dozens of state agencies that issue licenses for regulated activity, including the California Massage Therapy Council, the California Air Resources Board, the Department of Health Care Services, and many more.

Occupational Licenses

Department of Motor Vehicle salespersons can be denied and disciplined for a variety of conduct away from the lot, but we can help defend you against a variety of accusations.

Our Attorneys

Ray & Bishop PLC consists of three full-time attorneys: Fredrick M. Ray, the firm’s senior partner, has more than 20 years of experience as a litigator in administrative, civil, and criminal matters. As counsel to thousands of clients, his experience, reputation, and integrity are the foundation of our practice. John D. Bishop, a partner of the firm, has appeared for trial throughout California on behalf of numerous licensed professionals, delivering exceptional results. Lindsay M. Johnson, the firm’s senior associate, has achieved unprecedented success for our clients at both the trial and appellate level. 

Fredrick M. Ray

Senior Partner
Mr. Ray has over twenty years of experience as a litigator before administrative, civil and criminal tribunals. Mr. Ray has handled over two thousand legal matters, with a high success rate, including investigations, administrative law hearings, writs and appeals, civil lawsuits, and criminal matters, from serious felonies to misdemeanors

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John D. Bishop

Mr. Bishop is the primary litigator at Ray and Bishop and handles the majority of the administrative appeals at the agency level. He appears regularly at the Office of Administrative Hearings and has developed professional relationships with most of the judges and attorneys who handle administrative cases for the state.

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Lindsay M. Johnson

Ms. Johnson joined Ray & Bishop in 2013, after distinguishing herself as a superior advocate throughout her career at Chapman University School of Law. She has handled administrative matters before the Department of Insurance, Department of Social Services, Board of Registered Nursing, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does license discipline work in California?
In California, most license discipline matters are decided by a formal hearing process under the Administrative Procedure Act (also known as the “APA”.) The APA provides for basic due process by way of written notices and a hearing, if demanded by the licensee or one denied a license, before an administrative law judge, usually at the Office of Administrative Hearings. Some administrative matters are dealt with informally by alternative procedures, such as an informal investigation or citation, which are not discussed here.

A formal administrative disciplinary hearing is unlike other types of trials in that the licensing agency, board, bureau or department makes the final decision on the case. Even if the administrative law judge finds in a licensee’s favor, the agency, board, bureau or department can reject or modify the decision of the administrative law judge.

What is an Accusation? What is a Statement of Issues?
Attorneys on behalf of the agency, board, bureau or department serve the licensee with a notice, called an Accusation, stating their intent to discipline the licensee and the basis for such discipline. If a license applicant has been denied a license, the applicant is served a Statement of Issues stating why an applicant should be denied a license. These documents open the administrative case and accompany documents that notify an individual of their rights in the hearing process. Upon receiving an Accusation or Statement of Issues, a Notice of Defense must be promptly filed in response to the Accusation or Statement of Issues to preserve the right to a hearing.

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